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Melissa, our esteemed Clinic Director, possesses a lifelong passion for dentistry that began at the tender age of 8. A childhood dentist serenading her with “Brown-Eyed Girl” during check-ups left an indelible impression, shaping her belief that dentists were truly remarkable individuals. Her journey into the dental world started at 17 when she began working for that very dentist. Eager to deepen her knowledge, she embarked on a radiology course during her first year of college, kindling her burgeoning interest in the field.

Twenty-five years later, she still radiates the same enthusiasm. Melissa’s academic journey led her to the University of New Orleans and LSU School of Dentistry, where she honed her skills and knowledge under the mentorship of esteemed clinicians.

Her career’s trajectory has been marked by a commitment to making a difference. She dedicated several years to the Cleft Palate Team at Children’s Hospital New Orleans and specialized in working with special needs children, all the while earning certifications in ACLS and PALS. Melissa has contributed to numerous successful research studies, delving into post-cancer reconstruction, CAD-CAM technology, and various facets of dentistry.

As an expert in both the clinical and administrative facets of dentistry, Melissa navigates every aspect of patient care with compassion and expertise, making it her favorite part of the job. Melissa’s roots lie in Metairie, Louisiana, and she values the sense of community that Slidell offers, having called it home since 2001.

When she’s not immersed in the world of dentistry, you can find Melissa experimenting with new desserts in her kitchen, enjoying live music, or engaging in spirited game nights with her family and friends. She’s the proud mother of three adult children, Olivia, Eugene, and Gabriella, and a doting grandmother to her granddaughter, Michaela. If you spot her out and about, don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation – Melissa always welcomes a friendly chat.



Calleigh, our Registered Dental Hygienist, hails from the vibrant city of New Orleans, but her heart found its home in Picayune, Mississippi. She is a graduate of Hancock High School, where she first laid the foundation for her remarkable journey into the field of dental hygiene.

In 2018, Calleigh achieved a significant milestone by earning her Associates in Dental Hygiene from Meridian Community College in Meridian, Mississippi. During her academic journey, she distinguished herself as a standout student, being honored with the prestigious Golden Scaler award. This accolade is a testament to her exceptional skills and talents, as it is annually presented by the faculty of participating dental hygiene schools to students who exhibit outstanding dedication to their studies. Sponsored by Hu-Friedy, a renowned medical and dental manufacturing company, the Golden Scaler award recognizes excellence in the field.

After completing her dental hygiene program, Calleigh pursued further professional development by obtaining her anesthesia license from LSU School of Dentistry. Her commitment to the dental community is truly exceptional, evident in her unwavering dedication to her patients and her profession.

Calleigh is not just a dental hygienist; she is a passionate educator and caregiver. Her profound understanding of the link between oral health and overall well-being underscores her commitment to her patients. She takes the time to build meaningful relationships with those under her care, striving to provide the best possible treatment.

Her thirst for knowledge in the field of dentistry is unquenchable. She stays at the forefront of the latest research and findings, ensuring that her patients benefit from the most current and effective dental practices.

Beyond her professional life, Calleigh radiates warmth and enthusiasm, making her a beloved presence among her peers and patients. Her zest for life is infectious, and her magnetic personality instantly makes everyone feel like a part of her extended family. Her care, skill, and judgment have been invaluable to our patients and team members, for which we are deeply grateful.

In her free time, Calleigh cherishes moments with her family and eagerly looks forward to her upcoming wedding in December 2025. She indulges in reading physiological thrillers and enjoys listening to crime podcasts. As spring blooms, she pours her energy into her beloved vegetable garden, a testament to her nurturing nature extending beyond the dental chair. Calleigh is a remarkable individual who enriches the lives of those she encounters, both in and out of the dental practice.

Chandler Goltz, DMD

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